Focus van de workshops: zelf-leiderschapsontwikkeling / talentontwikkeling / lean way of working (Quick Wins) / inspireren van peer2peer coaching. In samenwerking met Adecco. Assistant Leadership College 2015 / Assistant Leadership College 2016: gericht op elk jaar 2 workshops.

Martine Serné (Assistant to HR Director) about Sara:

“I met Sara during a secretary network event and asked her to do a trial workshop in Danone where we work with over 40 assistants at the time. Sara showed us to be a highly trained professional who can talk /work with all different levels and personalities. She can easily adjust the training at the spot when she realizes a different approach will be more efficient. Without any exceptions she has always the best in mind for people to let them grow in a way they feel comfortable. She is loved with our group of assistants and I hope to have a long term (work) relation with her.”